To restore healthy balance and perspective in youth sports through education and advocacy.



  • Sustainable growth and development: Long-term health is more important than short-term performance.
  • Versatility and diversity of experience: Early specialization often leads to burnout and identity problems. Versatility builds a broader base of strength and performance, and a healthier sense of self.
  • Belief that “success” in sports should be individually considered and defined: The benefits of sport go well beyond performance and competitive results.
  • Informed decision-making, thoughtful planning, and open communication: The quality of youth sports programs cannot be measured solely by win-loss records or the pace of skill development. Structure, approach, and methodology, which vary among programs, influence an athlete’s experience, growth, and overall well-being, and should be discussed, understood, and factored into parental decisions.
  • Strategic, individual development: Any well-considered, strategic, and long-term plan should take into consideration the fact that every athlete has individual goals and learns and develops differently.

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